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The re-imagining of the overlooked.

The Salient Group is a team focused on creating compact, walkable and vibrant urban communities.

Every historic community has a reason for being - both where and how it is. Often though, the connection to, and understanding of, its origins are lost over time. With commuter times, increasing fuel costs, pollution and global warming, the need is greater than ever to rediscover the concept of urbanism - the reinvention of healthy, village-like urban communities.

21 Doors is part of this shared vision.

The Salient Group - On development and the future of Gastown

At The Salient Group, we recognize and appreciate the unique and diverse character of the Gastown community. That’s why we have our head offices here and work hard to create developments that revitalize and build on this character without displacing the people who already call Gastown home. A neighbourhood thrives when it is home to a variety of income groups, ethnicities, services and amenities.

It costs us more to preserve history, to work with the community and do things the way we think they should be done. But we believe it’s worth it. And we are always willing to listen to fresh ideas and points of view. Please contact us with any comments or feedback you have on this vision, and the future of Gastown. We’re all in it together.

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