Bowman Block wins UDI Award of Excellence

October 4th, 2007

Bowman Block 2007 UDI Award

The Bowman Block, located at 528 Beatty Street in Crosstown, received the Urban Development Institutes award of excellence for best heritage redevelopment.

The building undertook a complete transformation changing from a relatively unasuming office/warehouse building, into 38 heritage lofts with a character and flair unlike anything in Vancouver. The original heritage framework of the building such as Douglas firm floors, huge wood beams, and brick walls, were all retained to give the lofts a true heritage character, while pretty much everything else was completely reconstructed, making sure all the luxuries of a modern apartment were available and in turn making the spaces highly livable. 

Along with the conversion of the existing building, two additional stories were added to the building, which by contrast are quite modern and distinguishable from the existing 1906 structure. This is the second building to be completed by The Salient Group, the first being the Taylor Building which was finished in 2003. The Taylor Building was also a winner for best heritage development at the previous UDI awards.

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