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Tallest Wood Office Building

November 18th, 2015


Developer Plans to Build a Seven-Story, Wooden Office Building in Downtown Minneapolis. For the past 100 years, virtually all buildings over a few stories tall have been constructed out of concrete and steel. But some architects and builders are promoting an alternative they are positioning as environmentally friendlier: good old-fashioned wood. Read this article from the Wall Street Journal to find out more about plans to build a seven-story, wooden office building in Minneapolis near one of the city’s light-rail lines in an increasingly popular district downtown. Hines is calling the project T3, for timber, technology and transit.


Construction Update

October 7th, 2014


This Friday, October 10th, we will pass a critical milestone – the completion of the superstructure. Cheering will be heard from the top of the Trapp + Holbrook development as the final bucket of concrete is placed for the mechanical room roof slab.

With only a few minor structural elements left, our concrete trades will begin the process of removing their equipment from site, making way for the finishing tradesmen and women to install glazing, drywall, paint, tile, cabinets and fixtures.

The plumbing and electrical arteries of the building have been well under way for several months and continue to rise through the upper floors with steel stud wall construction following close behind.


Drywall partitions are now starting to define the internal spaces of the building on levels 3 and 4, and it won’t be long before paint and tile appears on walls and floors of these exciting new residences.

Passersby will notice that windows are now covering the majority of the openings around the structure up to level 12 with the completion of tower glazing expected by the end of November. On the north side of the building, more than half of our long-awaited custom wood windows have made their way into their final position on the historic Trapp façade.


A team of masonry repair specialists have been working feverishly on restoring the original terracotta tile, destined to be re-attached to the Trapp Block portion facing Columbia Street. Four floors of terracotta have been repaired and cleaned, ready for installation and we look forward to the historic façade taking shape in its revitalized glory starting in the latter part of October, with completion of this façade reconstruction expected early in the New Year.

The water service to the building is now connected to the City main and by the end of November, all the remaining drainage and electrical connections will be complete.

The next few months will reveal the vision of the project team as colours and finishes come together on the latest landmark of the Royal City. To see the makings of this landmark for yourself, visit 702 Columbia Street any day from 12-5pm except Fridays. Our sales team is also just a phone call away at 604 525 0223. We look forwarding to helping you!


September 28th, 2014

Trapp Image

We’ve been busy at Trapp+Holbrook meticulously rebuilding the striking terracotta and brick façades to their original glory. You may not be able to see it, but the brick repointing in the interior of the Holbrook portion of the building is now complete! Brick repointing is a process that involves the renewing of pointing the external joints between bricks, to fill in any gaps that may have been formed over time due to weathering. This important process is to ensure that all voids between the mortars are filled to guarantee no future water damage or leaks.

The exterior bricks will begin repointing later this week and then the bricks will be getting a nice fresh coat of paint.


Not only is the vital repointing task nearly complete, but the highly-anticipated terracotta installation will commence soon and the boom lift is on site. Atlantis Rauch has been hard at work cleaning and repairing all 1,449 pieces of the terracotta facade, which are now ready to be re-installed. This stunning restoration of original terracotta pieces will change the face of Columbia Street giving Downtown New West an iconic focal point speaking to the history of the neighborhood.


You may have also noticed the new windows on the Holbrook section of the building. These large wooden windows give our Holbrook suites an abundance of character. Coupled with the interior heritage brick walls, these suites feature a unique mix of old and new that cannot be matched.

The windows for the Trapp section are soon to follow. The mix of large refurbished and wood windows combined with the terracotta stone will add charm to Trapp+Holbrook inside as well as out making it a stunning place to live.

Come see the progress of this one of a kind project for yourself at 702 Columbia Street. We are open daily 12-5pm, except Fridays. Please visit us or give us a call at 604.525.0223 to learn more about our extended Summer Festival Special*, which could save you $5,000 in upgrades and moving expenses on your brand new home at Trapp+Holbrook.

*Some conditions apply, please ask a sales representative for more details. Pricing, sizing and availability are subject to change.The developer reserves the right to make changes to the information contained herein without notice. E.&O.E.

Rebuilding the Trapp Façade

July 18th, 2014


Did you know that by the time our happy new homeowners move in to Trapp+Holbrook next year, they will be moving into over 100 years of history? This is because the Trapp façade, which commemorates the skill and artistry of terracotta crafters dating more than 100 years, is being meticulously restored to its original glory piece-by-piece. To learn more about this amazing restoration process, read all about in the New Westminster News Leader cover story featured here.

If you are interested in finding out more about the details of this restoration process or our remaining homes, then come and visit our Presentation Centre located at 702 Columbia Street. We are open every day (except Friday), from noon to 5pm.

Façade Restoration – Trapp+Holbrook

June 27th, 2014

This month, after decades of neglect The Trapp Block (circa 1913) and Holbrook (circa 1880s) will begin the transformation to their original state with the meticulous heritage façade restoration process. The process of reinstating the Trapp Block façade will take approximately five months and will change the face of Columbia Street, whilst significantly adding to the character of New Westminster’s historic commercial core.


    Stage 1: Holbrook Bracing Removed

Early on in the development of the project it was determined that the interior construction of both the Trapp Block and Holbrook Block could not be saved due to irreparable structural failure. However much of the heritage value of the site is invested in the ornate facades of both buildings which are being restored.

Prior to demolition, a steel bracing structure was installed to retain the façade in place through the construction process. At the beginning of June, once the new structural steel and concrete of the tower were attached to the Holbrook façade, the Holbrook steel bracing facing onto Columbia Street was removed.


    Stage 2: Brick Repointing

Throughout June & July the brick on the interior of the Holbrook façade will be cleaned and repaired. The brick will be thoroughly washed, the old grout removed and the brick repointed to strengthen the wall for seismic reinforcing.


    Stage 3: Restoration & Installation of the Trapp Block Terracotta Façade

Atlantis Rausch has been given the task of restoring and installing the seven storey Trapp Block terracotta façade. The Trapp Block façade was dismantled in 2012 and the terracotta blocks were carefully conserved in a temperature controlled workshop constructed on-site. These blocks will then be re-installed against a new stable wall structure from June through to August.


    Stage 4: Heritage Window Restoration

Both the Holbrook and Trapp Block façades have four different types of heritage windows that are either being replicated and replaced, or refurbished, by Vintage Woodworks in Victoria.

We will be documenting this important and unique façade restoration process at Trapp+Holbrook so check back often to see progress images and updates!