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Globe & Mail: Builders find their roots

October 8th, 2010

Globe & Mail
Globe Real Estate

Turning their backs on snazzy project names with instant cachet, housing developers have found value in connecting to local history

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Robert Fung featured in CANADA: OUR TIME TO LEAD

October 7th, 2010

Globe & Mail
Multiculturalism –

Robert Fung, founder and president of the Salient Group, is one of Vancouver’s most influential businessmen, as well as a philanthropist. His company focuses on the reuse of heritage buildings, and on restoring and creating vibrant communities in the city.

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Westcoast Homes: Paris Annex Project Profile

October 2nd, 2010

Vancouver Sun – Oct 2, 2010
Westcoast Homes

Gastown and our future – part deux

Heritage Paris Block and its new annex mirror redefinition of original Vancouver Neighbourhood

Read the article here: Gastown and our future – part deux

Vancouver Vagabond visits the Flack Block

October 1st, 2010

Vancouver Vagabond’s Karen Magill visits the Flack Block and talks about its history, with some very kind words about the restoration.  Thanks Karen!  Read the entire post here.

Molo Cloud Softlight in the Vancouver Sun, and in the Paris Annex show suite

September 27th, 2010

Molo, the celebrated Vancouver design studio known for innovative collapsible and flexible designs, talks lighting in the Vancouver Sun.  A group of molo’s cloud softlights are installed at the Paris Annex show suite (see photo).  The LED installation provides general, ambient lighting to create mood, and gives the room a soft shape and a friendly feel.

To get a closer look, visit the Paris Annex show suite at the courtyard of the Garage building, 12 Water St; the show suite is open daily from noon to 5pm, except Fridays.

“The Revival of Gastown” in Westcoast Homes and Design

August 31st, 2010

The Vancouver Sun’s Westcoast Homes and Design describes the new face of Gastown, including some Salient Group projects, in the current issue.  The reporter visits with some long-time residents and business-owners, such as Nancy Bendtsen at Inform Interiors, and talks about new arrivals as well.  Read the whole article here.

Gastown projects win Sustainable Architecture & Building Magazine award

August 24th, 2010

Five Salient Group projects in Gastown have been recognized, as a group, with a 2010 SAB Canadian Green Building Award.  They are Alhambra, Garage, Cordage, Grand, and Terminus.  From the article:

Jury comments: The rehabilitation of existing heritage buildings is always welcomed, and the additional new multi-storey infill construction of this project happily maintains the historic Gastown facade of Vancouver. The new construction is of high quality that does not mimic but rather complements the older buildings. The small, exquisite interior spaces, only three metres wide, feel larger, and the design makes effective use of natural light and thermal mass, geothermal heating, high-efficiency heat pumps, and salvaged building materials.

Architect for all five projects was Acton Ostry; many more interesting details of the projects, and photos, are at the SAB Magazine website.