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Living: Our Tribe: Diana Becker

July 2nd, 2009

Diana Becker

Diana Becker and her partner Stella the greyhound live in the Terminus.

Diana was formerly an Interior Designer. Her first job was actually with George Lee at Design 21, 21 Water Street in Gastown, just across the street from Terminus where Koolhaus now resides. She still maintains a design firm and occasionally works for her son Adam Becker.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I was a partner in Revamp Properties. My then husband was a developer in Gastown in the early 70’s.  Helmut Becker was also a sculptor and created the masks on the exterior of Le Magasin.  We even had a cute three wheeler BMW parked out the front of Le Magasin until the guys from Gold’s Gym picked it up and took it over the Cambie Street bridge!!

I was the founder of Dubrulle French Culinary School, now Art Institute in Pacific Centre.  As a Culinary Professional I was involved in all aspects of the food industry for over 20 years.

Q. What are some of your pastimes?
A. I really love to travel with focus on art and food. Especially in France and India.

Q. Why did you decide to purchase a home at Terminus
A. I bought in Terminus because of an appreciation for the architecture.  I have been involved with Heritage Vancouver for many years. The transformation of this part of the city is long overdue but I feel that it’s time has finally arrived.

Q. What do you like about your neighbourhood?
A. I hope to have a glass of wine at every Gastown establishment over the summer and rate the restaurants and the wines!!! Also to visit every art gallery.

Q. What is something you like about living in Terminus?
A. I like the air conditioning in my suite.  It is so cool and really makes a difference.  The switch from uptown to downtown is very rewarding and I look forward to my courses in Urban Affairs at the new SFU campus.

Community: Gastown Farmers Market

July 2nd, 2009

Gastown Farmers Market

You may have heard that a farmers market has been approved for August and September in Gastown as part of the City’s new “Summer Spaces” initiative. The Vancouver’s Farmers Markets are very excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Gastown Business Improvement Society to bring a farmers market to Gastown Sundays in August and September. The location will be the 200 Block of Carrall Street. More information to come soon – but mark your calendars! This is going to be a great spot for residents and visitors featuring entertainment, sidewalk cafes and a great selection of produce, prepared foods and high quality crafts.

Friends: Gair Williamson Architects

May 26th, 2009
Paris Block, Suite 303 - Click image to see a larger version.

Paris Block, Suite 303 - Click image to see a larger version.

The Paris Block is one of several Salient/Gair Williamson Architects projects that are transforming Gastown into Vancouver’s center of artistic activism. Unit 303 at the Paris Block was conceived and executed by our team as a prototype for inner city living.

Holding a library, study, commercial kitchen, bedroom/gallery, and lounge with a 12’ dinning bar within 702 sq.ft.,  the apartment is only slightly wider than a parking stall.

Functioning as a live-work studio, the bed folds away, transforming the space into a gallery and event venue.

The unit contains a volume of storage that is three times the size of a standard condominium; Closets for coats, laundry, his/hers clothing, and a bathroom with a 10’ high shower.

In the long established tradition for completed GWA projects, a group of 28 B.C artists and film makers celebrated the completion with a spontaneous feast, before releasing the apartment into the community.

Unit 303 is a critical exploration into the larger issues pertaining to the architecture of affordable urban dwelling. This exploration is one of many undertaken in conjunction with Salient as we continue our investigations into urban densification.

Densification is fundamental to sustainable design; however, it often comes at the cost of dignity. As with other Salient/GWA projects, Unit 303 is an interpretation of how we can maximize livability in small urban spaces, within the context of the contemporary city.

To learn more about Gair Williamson Architects, please visit their website.

Recognition: Salient Group wins 4 City of Vancouver Heritage Honour Awards

May 26th, 2009


The City of Vancouver Heritage Commission has awarded four of the Salient Group’s developments for building rehabilitation as follows:

The Flack Block, 163 West Hastings Street, an Award of Honour for structural, seismic and building systems upgrading, sustainable interiors, locally crafted stone façade components, reinstated areaways, extensive exterior restoration, and a compatible contemporary rooftop addition.

The Bowman Block, 528 Beatty Street, as Award of Merit for the mindful, restrained exterior preservation, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse to commercial and residential, including a compatible contemporary loft addition.

The Paris Block, 53 West Hastings Street, an Award or Recognition for its rescue, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse, and for the social and economic benefit the project provides to the downtown neighbourhood.

The Lumbermen’s Building, 509 Richards Street, an Award of Recognition for its rehabilitation and structural upgrade, including exposing the original banking hall ceiling, and providing high quality ground floor use and office space.

>> See the complete list of our awards on the Awards page.

Living: Our Tribe: Mike Telford

May 26th, 2009
Mike Telford on his back deck – click for larger image

Mike Telford on his back deck – click for larger image

Meet a member of our tribe – Mike Telford: Mike is a Graphic Designer and a longtime Gastown resident. He has recently moved into Salient’s newest development, the terminus.

Q: Why did you end up purchasing in Terminus?
A:  As a designer, I appreciate quality design and architecture. I’ve lived in Tokyo and in New York, two of the world’s centers for good design. In the Terminus I see qualities that could be found in either of those two cities.

Q: How do you like living in Gastown?
A: Gastown is the juxtaposition of old and new. It is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, but really I think we are just seeing the beginning of a new era that will make it one of the most desirable places to live in the city. It has always been a hub of creative businesses and funky residential spaces, and as a resident of the neighborhood for the past 5 years I have noticed the changes that are occurring… great new restaurants, bars, shops, and of course, amazing residential buildings, the future looks good.

Tell us about your home.
It’s very rare that you can tell someone that you live in a condo building downtown and you have a one of a kind home, but that is my place in terminus. I love the fact that I have a truly unique space which is both practical, but stylish as well. The double glass French doors that look out to my huge deck are pretty cool, and of course the building itself, it has a really good sense of community.

Community: Friday Night Social

May 26th, 2009


We wanted to thank everyone for coming to the Friday Summer Social at terminus last week.  It was a gorgeous evening to spend in the roof top lounge and meet some of the neighbours. We hope that this will be a tradition that will continue on and help everyone get to know their neighbours and foster a strong building community.

Below are a few shots from the evening. (more…)

Friends: Inform terminus Model Suite

April 22nd, 2009


For 30-years Niels and Nancy Bendsten, through Gastown’s Inform, have brought the world of modern living to Vancouver. They have been leaders, not only in design, but in helping create the vision for the current Gastown evolution. It is natural, therefore, that Vancouver’s most design-forward residential development, the Terminus, be located in Gastown, and that Inform would play a part in showing it off through decorating a truly progressive model home.

We are excited to announce the completion of our model suite at terminus. The design of the unit has brought together the talents of David Nicolay of Evoke International Design and our neighbors and industry leaders in modern furnishings, Inform. To truly appreciate the Terminus, one must see it. If you are in the market, either for a home that is truly individual, or a modern furniture masterpiece, we think a visit to the terminus will satisfy both cravings. 

And if you liked the model home, please ask us to take you to the Terminus lounge, where Nancy and David have also styled a great place to catch the sunset over Vancouver. It comes with a new home in the Terminus. Please contact Salient or Inform to book a visit.

Those of you following us on Twitter were treated to a sneak peak of the Inform x terminus display suite Friday afternoon. We’ll be posting photos of the display suite here soon.


Visit Inform’s website.