New West Living: It’s time for the Royal City to reclaim the spotlight

April 18th, 2012

Western Canada’s first city is set for a comeback.

New Westminster, a city with a rich past, is ready to draw us in again. Boasting hip new shops, hot restaurants and the historical charm the city is known for, New West is reclaiming its reputation as the Golden Mile and once again becoming the “place to be” in the Lower Mainland.

Columbia Street was once known as the “Golden Mile”.
Columbia Street was once known as the “Golden Mile”.

In 1859, Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria personally handpicked the city’s name, thus giving residents the honour of referring to their home as the “Royal City”. Columbia Street, future home of Salient’s Trapp + Holbrook, was also once known as the Golden Mile, a prosperous and beloved neighbourhood.

New West Excavation
Construction is under way for a new civic centre on Columbia Street.
Robert White (Vancouver Is Awesome)

Today, the City of New Westminster is hard at work reviving its downtown core, and signs indicate that the plan is working! As New Westminster Mayor Wayne Wright said in a recent Vancouver Sun article, the City’s vision is to reinvent the downtown core into a trendy neighbourhood for young singles, families and empty nesters. Upcoming projects such as a new civic centre, a 10-cinema theatre, boutique shops, and new condo developments such as Trapp + Holbrook are helping to make the city’s plan a reality.

Real estate sales here are hot. New Westminster properties are less expensive than Vancouver and Burnaby while boasting similar perks and amenities. . Condos along the SkyTrain line remain attractive to Vancouver buyers, further fuelling the demand for housing in this city.

Trapp + Holbrook is close to both New Westminster and Columbia Skytrain stations
New Westminster is home to five Skytrain Stations.

The steady reinvigoration of New Westminster is driven by its central location and its walkable, transit-friendly communities. A total of five Skytrain stations are in the city, two of which are downtown and both are within one to two blocks from Trapp + Holbrook.

Douglas College is only 4 minutes away from Trapp + Holbrook.
The main campus of Douglas College is located in New Westminster.

Arts and culture are alive and well, thanks to the likes of the Massey Theatre and the New Westminster Symphony. Douglas College, the River Market, and exciting businesses such as The Network Hub also play an important role as employment anchors.

Downtown New West, which is expected to attract up to 21,000 residents by 2031, promises to be a vibrant community, and we are thrilled to be part of it. The central location of Trapp + Holbrook will help launch the city’s economic and cultural revival and provide an ideal place for residents to call home

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The time is now and you are going to love it!