Re-Up BBQ brings Southern food to New West

May 25th, 2012

Photo: Jason Lang, The Record

Re-Up BBQ recently opened its doors in New West, and it’s creating some serious buzz!

The popular food cart, which was recently named Best Food Cart at the Vancouver Restaurant Awards, chose the Royal City as the location of its first mortar and brick store, much to the delight of locals and foodies.

The restaurant team will be at the Trapp+Holbrook grand opening on May 26, so we think it’s a great time to highlight this local success story. Lindsay Ferguson, one of four co-owners of the business, recently chatted with us about New West, Re-Up’s future, and their passion for barbecue.

Why did you choose New West for your first mortar and brick BBQ joint?

New West kind of chose us. Mark Shieh of the River Market invited us to take a look at their space one day, and he wooed us into New Westminster.

We are very impressed with New West. It’s very close to downtown — just 22 minutes away!

Barbeque is a food that works for everybody. We’ve met a lot of people out here in New West who embrace what we’re doing.

New West has really great atmosphere — especially since we’re facing the river in the Market.

Your recent grand opening in New West was well received! Any future expansion plans?

Recently, we’ve taken over the Crab Shop (also in the River Market), and we are renaming it as Fathom.  Other than that, we don’t have other expansion plans yet. My husband and I are having a baby soon, so we’re already pretty busy.

What are some of your most popular menu items?

Most people know us for our pulled pork sandwich because it is the one thing that our food cart serves.

In our New West restaurant, we introduced ribs, chicken, beef brisket, and biscuits & gravy. We’re also introducing fried chicken soon.

Food carts are a big hit in Vancouver. Any thoughts on why this is the case?

I think the success of food carts can be attributed to Vancouver’s gorgeous summers. And Vancouverites like to get outside when we can. People like to go outside in the fresh air during their lunch, and food carts give them something delicious to enjoy while they’re out.

You mentioned that you’re hoping to organize BBQ classes and bacon curing classes in your kitchen in New West. We love this idea! Where does your passion for BBQ and bacon come from?

Our passion for BBQ and bacon comes from our business partners who have extensive experience with these foods.

One of our co-owners, Chester Carey, spawned the idea of BBQ classes. He has been competing in BBQs for over 10 years now.

Our two other partners, Michael Kaisaris and Jose Rosales-Lopez, are trained chefs who really like playing with their food. They’ve worked in some of Vancouver’s fancy restaurants.

It’s really nice for us to do what we love and share that with great people.

Thanks to Lindsay for answering our questions about Re-Up BBQ. For more information, visit Re-Up’s website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t forget to catch Re-Up BBQ at the Trapp+Holbrook grand opening this Saturday, May 26. Our presentation centre, located in the Trapp Block at 668 Columbia Street, has seen over 3,000 visitors within the past month.  Interest in the development is high and we expect sales to be brisk at our grand opening.

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