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24 hours video: The Flack Block – Heritage Love

April 3rd, 2009

The heritage landmark, The Flack Block, reopens its doors to socially progressive businesses. This video accompanies yesterday’s 24 hours news story about the need to retain our heritage buildings. 

Robert speaks about the newly reopened Flack Block building, showing off some of the great features including the magnificent hand-carved entry archway, some of the challenges of working on a heritage building, and touching on some of the historic elements of the building from it’s gold rush days.

24hours: The Flack Block – Heritage Crucial To City

April 2nd, 2009
PRESERVING THE PAST is crucial in maintaining the identity of Vancouver, according to Robert Fung.

PRESERVING THE PAST is crucial in maintaining the identity of Vancouver, according to Robert Fung.

Salient Group says: Heritage crucial to city
Dharm Makwana, 24 Hours

Should Vancouver lose its architectural past, its cultural identity may fall soon after, according to a real estate developer keen on restoring the city’s historical streetscape. 

Robert Fung, president of The Salient Group, noted that,without federal and municipal funding for heritage restoration, projects such as the Flack Block – which re-opened yesterday at 163 West Hastings Street – could never have been realized. 

“I believe that the incentive program catalyzed investment of the area that exceeds the return of any of the levels of government funding into this area over the last number of years,” Fung said. “Pouring it into social services is not unneeded but it doesn’t help build the economy… in fact it’s desperately needed – but it was also not creating balance in the neighbourhood.” 

The City of Vancouver is reviewing its heritage revitalization incentive program. Its federal counterpart has been cancelled. 

The Flack Block is being celebrated as one of the first heritage buildings in North America set to achieve LEED Gold certification from the Canada Green Building Council.


You can read the original story here, or download a PDF of the article here. (1.2MB Acrobat file)