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Heritage Canada Magazine profiles The Salient Group’s Robert Fung

September 19th, 2011

Heritage Canada Magazine profiles The Salient Group’s Robert Fung

Robert Fung’s contribution to the evolving Gastown area is featured in Heritage Canada Magazine’s September 2011 issue.

The article, which appears on the Faces and Places section, describes Gastown as “a vibrant, diverse community with an eclectic mix of condos, office buildings, restaurants and bars.”

Heritage Canada cites Robert’s passion for rehabilitating heritage buildings. Robert respects the history of the buildings, but “integrating sustainability and addressing economic, social and environmental imperatives” is also his priority.


Westcoast Homes: Paris Annex Project Profile

October 2nd, 2010

Vancouver Sun – Oct 2, 2010
Westcoast Homes

Gastown and our future – part deux

Heritage Paris Block and its new annex mirror redefinition of original Vancouver Neighbourhood

Read the article here: Gastown and our future – part deux

Molo Cloud Softlight in the Vancouver Sun, and in the Paris Annex show suite

September 27th, 2010

Molo, the celebrated Vancouver design studio known for innovative collapsible and flexible designs, talks lighting in the Vancouver Sun.  A group of molo’s cloud softlights are installed at the Paris Annex show suite (see photo).  The LED installation provides general, ambient lighting to create mood, and gives the room a soft shape and a friendly feel.

To get a closer look, visit the Paris Annex show suite at the courtyard of the Garage building, 12 Water St; the show suite is open daily from noon to 5pm, except Fridays.

Business in Vancouver talks Gastown makeover

August 23rd, 2010

The Real Estate Roundup in this week’s Business in Vancouver discusses several Salient Group projects, including the Paris Annex, and how Gastown continues to evolve.  Reporter Peter Mitham gets Robert Fung’s thoughts on what’s propelling the change, and what’s drawing new people to the area.  Read the entire article here.

Launching the Paris Annex in Gastown

August 18th, 2010

The Paris Annex

Our latest Gastown project, the Paris Annex, is set to launch this September. The Annex is all new construction designed to complement the neighbouring Paris Block, a restored 100-year- old building named for its longtime occupant, shoe retailer Pierre Paris. On completion in the fall of 2011 the Paris Annex will consist of 17 apartments, including two penthouse lofts with rooftop access.

The Salient Group is committed to combining spectacular modern architecture with heritage, and the Paris Annex is the perfect example. The new construction features a modern exterior of concrete, glass and aluminum, and interiors with large windows, linear floor plans and decks. It will share corridors, stairs and an elevator with its heritage counterpart. The design goal is to add interest and diversity to the neighbourhood while helping strengthen the existing community.

The show suite will be open to the public in early September at the courtyard at Garage, 12 Water Street. Stay tuned for more news and photos as the Paris Annex progresses.



Gastown heritage profiled in the Vancouver Sun

August 5th, 2010

The Vancouver Sun’s Business section has a write-up the continuing restoration of Gastown.  The story features an interview with the owners of Orling & Wu, a new store at 28 Water Street, a heritage property which is part of the Salient Group’s revitalization efforts in the area.

News 1130 also carries the story here.



Frugalbits Insider Guides – Robert Fung’s Gastown

July 23rd, 2010

Robert is the expert guide to Gastown for Frugalbits today.  His recommendations, if you are planning a visit, include design store Haven, the artist-run Gallery Gachet, and the Potluck café on Hastings.  Visit Frugalbits to read the entire article.