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Video: Streetohome Foundation

February 23rd, 2009

Streetohome Video from The Salient Group on Vimeo.


Homelessness is a community challenge…
and a community responsibility

Streetohome Foundation is the first, broad community-based initiative designed to address homelessness in Vancouver. Our work brings together people from all sectors of our community: non-profits, community groups, business, governments and citizens.

Our goal at Streetohome is to build bridges and leverage the time, resources, expertise and funds of our entire community to ensure that all people in Vancouver have access to safe, decent, affordable housing by 2015.

Because we know that solving homelessness is not just about common decency, it is also about common sense.

What can you do to help?
Be a part of the solution.

Please visit for more info.

Paris Annex: A Juxtaposition Of Old And New

January 23rd, 2009


Paris Annex: A Juxtaposition Of Old And New
The Globe and Mail
January 23, 2009

By Thomasina Barnes

After last summer’s one-day sellout at its Paris Block condominium – a renovated, century-old build-ing in Vancouver’s Gastown – Salient Group decided to expand the development with a modern addition. 

While the unstable global economy may prevent the new development, called the Paris Annex, from selling as quickly as its precursor – seven units have been purchased since its release in October – Salient president Robert Fung says he is feeling confident. (more…)

Vancouver Sun: Robert Fung talks about restoring the Flack Block

May 5th, 2008
Robert Fung Restoring Flack Block

Flack Block from Victory Park.

Vancouver Sun’s Westcoast Homes editor Michael Sasges speaks with Robert Fung about some of the work involved with restoring the Flack Block.

Click here to listen to the audio interview.

Video: The Real Estate Channel: Interview with Scott Pettipiece

March 24th, 2007

Ian Watt of the Real Estate Channel interviews our Manager of Sales and Marketing, Scott Pettipiece about some of the upcoming Salient Group projects.

You can see the entire post here.

Vancouver Sun: What’s Up For 2007: Scott Pettipiece

January 18th, 2007
Scott Pettlplece poses In front of Shebeen whisky bar, housed In Gastown's Alhambra Hotel, one of several historic properties being developed as part of a revitalization plan for the area.

Scott Pettlplece poses In front of Shebeen whisky bar, housed In Gastown's Alhambra Hotel, one of several historic properties being developed as part of a revitalization plan for the area.

Vancouver Sun: What’s Up For 2007

Scott Pettipiece, Sales and Marketing Manager, Salient Group
by Jeani Read

Scott Pettipiece is part of big revitalization plans for the heart of Vancouver, so the city and its residents are on his mind for the new year. 

“I think 2007 is the year Vancouverites are going to stop comparing our city to New York or San Francisco and embrace Vancouver for the great city it already is,” he says. “It’s not just a naturally beautiful city where they can hike up a mountain before breakfast, but an urban city filled with a great nightlife and social scene.”

“I think people are going to start migrating toward real estate they feel a connection with, buildings that have history and real presence. I’m helping with the marketing on some of these heritage buildings that are becoming real homes, historic buildings like the Bowman Block, a 100-year-old former warehouse on Beatty Street; the terminus, an old hotel in Gastown; and the Paris Block on Hastings Street.

“For me? I proposed to my girlfriend Natasha on Christmas Eve, at home, after dinner. It was a quiet thing. She’s pretty shy and I’m not the kind of guy to go over the top. But she said yes. We like the idea of a summer wedding.”

Download the article here  (650kb JPG file)

Business in Vancouver: Robert Fung Profile

July 25th, 2006
Business In Vancouver Robert Fung profile

A passion for community and Vancouver architectural heritage has helped the Salient Group founder build a $200 million inner city development business.

Heritage Storeys – Robert Fung Profile
Business in Vancouver July 25-31, 2006 
By Andrew Petrozzi 

It’s fitting that Robert Fung, 40, chose Gastown’s Alhambra Building to house the Salient Group, his upstart development company. The 1886-vintage Alhambra was the first building to rise from the ashes of the fire that had destroyed Vancouver earlier that year. When Salient acquired the $3.5 million building in 2001, it was the first of many Downtown Eastside heritage properties Fung would seek to preserve and redevelop after they’d endured decades of neglect and decay. 

“I’m crazy enough to want to take on these projects,” said Fung, sitting casually in his boardroom on a recent sunny Friday afternoon. “Apparently, most people didn’t want to when we started doing them in an area that most people shied away from. 

“I’m passionate about the buildings and what these areas mean to the city.” 

Fung’s enthusiasm for the Downtown Eastside’s architecture and history grew from his involvement in the development of False Creek North when he joined Concord Pacific Developments Corp. in 1990. 

“I developed an affinity for this area at that time,” he said. “The historic component is really, really limited, and in the early ’90s we were losing a lot of our historic fabric.”