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Trapp + Holbrook Construction Update – August 2013

August 29th, 2013

The latest from the Trapp + Holbrook construction site – the crane is up and in action!

Completion of the Trapp + Holbrook project is expected to be in early 2015. Read more about the project in our interview with The Salient Group Founder, Robert Fung here.

Q & A with Robert Fung, Founder and President of Salient Group

August 19th, 2013

With the completion of the Trapp + Holbrook development in New Westminster just over a year away, Salient Group’s Robert Fung is on cloud nine. We caught up with the man behind Trapp + Holbrook for an update on the project.

Salient Group Founder Robert Fung on location in Gastown

What is the construction status?

Robert Fung: Construction is moving along smoothly and we’re on schedule for our residents to move in early 2015. We have completed piling (post-like supports used for building support) for the building foundations, and and the crane was raised August 19. The restoration process for the original terra-cotta facade that will be on the front of the Trapp Block is being meticulously undertaken. Overall, things look amazing.

You’ve been active in connecting with the New Westminster and Columbia Street community – what are people saying about Trapp + Holbrook’s presence?

RF: We’ve had a great dialogue with the New Westminster community, and overall, locals have been very supportive. People are really taking to the notion of an “urban community” where they live, work and play in the same neighbourhood. That has led to a large portion of the building’s new owners making their home in the Trapp+Holbrook redevelopment..

Some have compared this development to the style of Vancouver’s Gastown. What do you think of this comparison?

RF: Like Gastown, downtown New Westminster is one of only two truly historic downtown areas in the Lower Mainland? Also like Gastown, downtown New Westminster is currently experiencing a rebirth for the downtown scene. However, we’re not trying to make Columbia Street into another Gastown, Columbia Street has its own character, strengths and vibe. The project was conceived in New West and on Columbia street – it’s New West, through and through.

I encourage people to come and see Columbia Street- there’s a great entrepreneurial energy here. People, and businesses, are coming to New West to become a part of this community.

What’s next?

RF: We want to support local business, and The River Market in New West is an established venue to do that. Karmavore, a local vegan cafe and bakery has set up a new venture at The River Market and Trapp+Holbrook is supporting their presence while they feel out this new evolution of their business.
On the construction side, with the crane up, watch for things to really start progressing as we start to pour concrete over the next three weeks.

Imagine construction is finished, and the first residents are living at Trapp + Holbrook…what are you most looking forward to?

RF: I can’t wait to be sitting on the street having a coffee in front of the building. I hope to see people enjoying the cafes, retail and engaging with the space. A vibrant urban neighbourhood is a great place to be. I truly hope there is a sense that the building has always been there.

Salient Group receives Outstanding Achievement Award from Heritage BC

October 13th, 2011

Salient Group receives Heritage BC Outstanding Achievement Award

The Salient Group, Acton Ostry Architects and Donald Luxton & Associates received the Outstanding Achievement award at Heritage BC’s annual ceremony held on September 30, 2011. Handed out for the highest caliber of achievement, the Outstanding Achievement award was given to The Salient Group this year for our contributions to the rehabilitation of the Gastown area.

Every year, Heritage BC presents awards to individuals, organizations, government and businesses for excellence in heritage conservation. We thank Heritage BC for recognizing our efforts. We are pleased with the opening of 21 Doors, and we are proud to contribute to Gastown’s rehabilitation.


Heritage Canada Magazine profiles The Salient Group’s Robert Fung

September 19th, 2011

Heritage Canada Magazine profiles The Salient Group’s Robert Fung

Robert Fung’s contribution to the evolving Gastown area is featured in Heritage Canada Magazine’s September 2011 issue.

The article, which appears on the Faces and Places section, describes Gastown as “a vibrant, diverse community with an eclectic mix of condos, office buildings, restaurants and bars.”

Heritage Canada cites Robert’s passion for rehabilitating heritage buildings. Robert respects the history of the buildings, but “integrating sustainability and addressing economic, social and environmental imperatives” is also his priority.


Globe & Mail: Builders find their roots

October 8th, 2010

Globe & Mail
Globe Real Estate

Turning their backs on snazzy project names with instant cachet, housing developers have found value in connecting to local history

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Robert Fung featured in CANADA: OUR TIME TO LEAD

October 7th, 2010

Globe & Mail
Multiculturalism –

Robert Fung, founder and president of the Salient Group, is one of Vancouver’s most influential businessmen, as well as a philanthropist. His company focuses on the reuse of heritage buildings, and on restoring and creating vibrant communities in the city.

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Business in Vancouver talks Gastown makeover

August 23rd, 2010

The Real Estate Roundup in this week’s Business in Vancouver discusses several Salient Group projects, including the Paris Annex, and how Gastown continues to evolve.  Reporter Peter Mitham gets Robert Fung’s thoughts on what’s propelling the change, and what’s drawing new people to the area.  Read the entire article here.