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Globe and Mail – Heritage projects suffer collateral damage in downturn

May 8th, 2009
Robert Fung has turned some of Vancouver’s worst eyesores into high-end housing. But the financing model he used to cover the added expense of saving the city’s grand old buildings has run into a brutal new reality.

Robert Fung has turned some of Vancouver’s worst eyesores into high-end housing. But the financing model he used to cover the added expense of saving the city’s grand old buildings has run into a brutal new reality.

Globe and Mail – Heritage projects suffer collateral damage in downturn

Kerry Gold
Special to The Globe and Mail
Friday, May. 15, 2009

Developer Robert Fung stands on Water Street in Vancouver’s Gastown, surveying a row of heritage buildings that comprise one of the city’s most beautiful streetscapes.

They represent some of the city’s oldest buildings, and each of them had been long neglected until Mr. Fung came along and restored them as work, retail and condo spaces.

“He’s the poster child of heritage,” says Heritage Vancouver president Don Luxton.

But with the downturn in British Columbia’s property markets, Mr. Fung now sees himself tied to a complex financing model that no longer works.

The Alhambra building, circa 1887, anchors Water Street, the most historic block in the city. It is part of Mr. Fung’s $60-million, three-phase, five-building project that involves “a high level of heritage restoration.” The condo building Terminus, once on Heritage Vancouver’s Top Ten Endangered Sites list, is the first phase. The heritage building, with its sleek, uniquely modern interior, is finished and mostly occupied. The Garage condos next door, once the location for the city’s first jailhouse, will be complete by November.


Friends: Inform terminus Model Suite

April 22nd, 2009


For 30-years Niels and Nancy Bendsten, through Gastown’s Inform, have brought the world of modern living to Vancouver. They have been leaders, not only in design, but in helping create the vision for the current Gastown evolution. It is natural, therefore, that Vancouver’s most design-forward residential development, the Terminus, be located in Gastown, and that Inform would play a part in showing it off through decorating a truly progressive model home.

We are excited to announce the completion of our model suite at terminus. The design of the unit has brought together the talents of David Nicolay of Evoke International Design and our neighbors and industry leaders in modern furnishings, Inform. To truly appreciate the Terminus, one must see it. If you are in the market, either for a home that is truly individual, or a modern furniture masterpiece, we think a visit to the terminus will satisfy both cravings. 

And if you liked the model home, please ask us to take you to the Terminus lounge, where Nancy and David have also styled a great place to catch the sunset over Vancouver. It comes with a new home in the Terminus. Please contact Salient or Inform to book a visit.

Those of you following us on Twitter were treated to a sneak peak of the Inform x terminus display suite Friday afternoon. We’ll be posting photos of the display suite here soon.


Visit Inform’s website.

terminus construction photos gallery

April 20th, 2009

After three years of meticulous construction, the terminus is finally finished, and the new terminus owners started moving into their new homes a little while ago. Salient was pleased to have Vancouver based photographic artist Jessica Bushey shoot during construction of the terminus, and document the project with some increadable images. Take a few moments to glance through a brief sample of these beautiful photos – some show a little more of the construction process, some show what we unearthed in the duration of construction, and some are just stunning abstracts of what laid in front of Jessica on her many visits to the construction site. Stayed tuned for more info regarding upcoming events featuring some of Jessica’s amazing images.

Click here to view this same gallery in a new window, with larger photos.

Vancouver Condo Blog: Ian Watt video – Terminus Penthouse

April 7th, 2009

Ian Watt’s video blog talks about the penthouses at the terminus, as well as other kinds words about the project and the changes happening in the Gastown neighbourhood was linked up on yesterday’s Vancouver Condo Blog.

You can find the full post here:

Vancouver Sun: terminus: Water Street’s ‘sculptural’ addition

February 28th, 2009

Vancouver Sun Terminus article layout

Water Street’s ‘sculptural’ addition
Latest Gastown households move in to homes that are intensely modern spaces behind a serenely Victorian facade

by Michael Sasges
Westcoast Homes
February 28, 2009 

In our homes, by our comparative novelty culturally, the opportunity to juxtapose old and new, later century and earlier, one design period and another, is limited — the pairing, for example, of a mid-century modern Womb chair and ottoman with the restored bay window of a Victorian railway hotel framing an Edwardian warehouse.

That’s why it’s a pleasure to show you photographs from the recently completed Terminus new-home project on Water Street in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood.

The 46 Terminus households will reside in spaces ranging in size from 623 square feet to 1,624 square feet.

They are now moving in.

The developer is The Salient Group; the architect, Acton Ostry, and the interior designer, Evoke International Design Inc.

Acton Ostry commissioned most of the photography published here and inside, for inclusion in submissions to architectural competitions. (more…)

Wall Street Journal feature – terminus

February 25th, 2009

Wall Street Journal graphic

A Bit of Beijing
Homes in or near some of North America’s largest Chinatowns

DETAILS: This unit is in the 46-apartment Terminus condo in the downtown Gastown district. The 2008 building, with a modern design and a shared rooftop deck, incorporates the original façade of an 1886 hotel.

WALKING DISTANCE: Chinatown, a few blocks east, remains largely untouched by new development. Water Street in Gastown, the city’s original downtown corridor that was redeveloped in recent years, has offices, homes and stores.

DIM SUM: Banquet-hall-like Floata Seafood Restaurant; try the BBQ pork bun, a standard, or desserts like deep-fried taro dumpling.

Read the full article here

Video: Robert Fung talks about the terminus project

February 22nd, 2009

Robert Fung talks about the terminus project from The Salient Group on Vimeo.