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Westcoast Homes: Paris Annex Project Profile

October 2nd, 2010

Vancouver Sun – Oct 2, 2010
Westcoast Homes

Gastown and our future – part deux

Heritage Paris Block and its new annex mirror redefinition of original Vancouver Neighbourhood

Read the article here: Gastown and our future – part deux

Molo Cloud Softlight in the Vancouver Sun, and in the Paris Annex show suite

September 27th, 2010

Molo, the celebrated Vancouver design studio known for innovative collapsible and flexible designs, talks lighting in the Vancouver Sun.  A group of molo’s cloud softlights are installed at the Paris Annex show suite (see photo).  The LED installation provides general, ambient lighting to create mood, and gives the room a soft shape and a friendly feel.

To get a closer look, visit the Paris Annex show suite at the courtyard of the Garage building, 12 Water St; the show suite is open daily from noon to 5pm, except Fridays.

“The Revival of Gastown” in Westcoast Homes and Design

August 31st, 2010

The Vancouver Sun’s Westcoast Homes and Design describes the new face of Gastown, including some Salient Group projects, in the current issue.  The reporter visits with some long-time residents and business-owners, such as Nancy Bendtsen at Inform Interiors, and talks about new arrivals as well.  Read the whole article here.

The Flack Block and p + a furniture in the Vancouver Sun

August 13th, 2010

p+a furniture - FLack Block

The Flack Block gets an update in the Vancouver Sun, marking the first anniversary of Shelley Penner’s tenancy in the building.  Penner helms design firm Penner And Associates and the attached retail store p + a furniture, which sells sustainable, Canadian made products with an emphasis on smart design.

The makeover of the Flack Block, which Salient completed in 2008, has been followed by improvements in the rest of the neighbourhood as well – read Penner’s thoughts on the area and its business potential here.

Gastown heritage profiled in the Vancouver Sun

August 5th, 2010

The Vancouver Sun’s Business section has a write-up the continuing restoration of Gastown.  The story features an interview with the owners of Orling & Wu, a new store at 28 Water Street, a heritage property which is part of the Salient Group’s revitalization efforts in the area.

News 1130 also carries the story here.



Vancouver Sun: terminus: Water Street’s ‘sculptural’ addition

February 28th, 2009

Vancouver Sun Terminus article layout

Water Street’s ‘sculptural’ addition
Latest Gastown households move in to homes that are intensely modern spaces behind a serenely Victorian facade

by Michael Sasges
Westcoast Homes
February 28, 2009 

In our homes, by our comparative novelty culturally, the opportunity to juxtapose old and new, later century and earlier, one design period and another, is limited — the pairing, for example, of a mid-century modern Womb chair and ottoman with the restored bay window of a Victorian railway hotel framing an Edwardian warehouse.

That’s why it’s a pleasure to show you photographs from the recently completed Terminus new-home project on Water Street in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood.

The 46 Terminus households will reside in spaces ranging in size from 623 square feet to 1,624 square feet.

They are now moving in.

The developer is The Salient Group; the architect, Acton Ostry, and the interior designer, Evoke International Design Inc.

Acton Ostry commissioned most of the photography published here and inside, for inclusion in submissions to architectural competitions. (more…) Paris Annex: C’est bonne

October 11th, 2008

Paris Annex - C'est bonne

Paris Annex: C’est bonne
New building and 1907 Paris Block next door are ‘fraternal twins’

Barbara Gunn, Westcoast Homes
Published: Saturday, October 11, 2008

The affable Robert Fung, founder of a development company that has been largely focused on restoring Vancouver’s historic downtown district, can think of three reasons that drive his passion for social sustainability.

They are six, five and three years old — and they are his daughters.

“I love this city and I’d like them to grow up here,” says the 42-year-old president of the Salient Group, sipping an Americano in one of his favourite Gastown eateries.

“I’d like it to be a city that they want to live in, where they can make a living, where they can accommodate the cost of housing, a city that’s diverse and where there’s a great deal of understanding, where there are options in places to live, and where, environmentally, there’s an understanding of the impact of the things we do on the bigger picture of the world.”

Fung, an Ontario native who developed a fondness for Vancouver soon after he moved here 20 years ago — “It gets in your blood pretty quickly,” he says — is doing his best, a project at a time, to shape parts of the city he envisions for his little girls.

His company currently has some 100,000 square feet of heritage office space complete, or nearing completion, in some of Vancouver’s most historic neighbourhoods, and a project list that includes Gastown’s Alhambra, Garage and Terminus buildings, the Flack Block on Hastings, the Bowman Block on Beatty and the Taylor Building on Water Street — the latter two winners of Urban Development Institute’s excellence awards.