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GlobalTV video: The Flack Block

April 8th, 2009


The Flack Block was featured on Global TV yesterday (April 7). There is a lot of interest in the positive change community health that neighbourhood heritage rehabilitation can bring. We’re pretty excited about it.

You can see the video here. (edit: video is no longer live on the GlobalTV website)

The Flack Block also has it’s own Facebook group, and you can find it here. Lots of new photos added to the group, including beautiful detail photos of the hand-carved limestone archway can be seen in the gallery.

Vancouver Condo Blog: Ian Watt video – Terminus Penthouse

April 7th, 2009

Ian Watt’s video blog talks about the penthouses at the terminus, as well as other kinds words about the project and the changes happening in the Gastown neighbourhood was linked up on yesterday’s Vancouver Condo Blog.

You can find the full post here:

24 hours video: The Flack Block – Heritage Love

April 3rd, 2009

The heritage landmark, The Flack Block, reopens its doors to socially progressive businesses. This video accompanies yesterday’s 24 hours news story about the need to retain our heritage buildings. 

Robert speaks about the newly reopened Flack Block building, showing off some of the great features including the magnificent hand-carved entry archway, some of the challenges of working on a heritage building, and touching on some of the historic elements of the building from it’s gold rush days.

Flack Block: Acton Ostry – Restoration Project Receives Heritage Honour Award

March 18th, 2009


Architects Acton Ostry, were just awarded a Heritage Honour Award by the City of Vancouver’s Heritage Commission for their work on The Flack Block.


Video: Streetohome Foundation

February 23rd, 2009

Streetohome Video from The Salient Group on Vimeo.


Homelessness is a community challenge…
and a community responsibility

Streetohome Foundation is the first, broad community-based initiative designed to address homelessness in Vancouver. Our work brings together people from all sectors of our community: non-profits, community groups, business, governments and citizens.

Our goal at Streetohome is to build bridges and leverage the time, resources, expertise and funds of our entire community to ensure that all people in Vancouver have access to safe, decent, affordable housing by 2015.

Because we know that solving homelessness is not just about common decency, it is also about common sense.

What can you do to help?
Be a part of the solution.

Please visit for more info.

Video: Robert Fung talks about the terminus project

February 22nd, 2009

Robert Fung talks about the terminus project from The Salient Group on Vimeo.

BC Business Magazine: Video: Robert Fung and the Revival of Gastown

December 3rd, 2008


Robert Fung and the Revival of Gastown
BC Business Magazine
by Joel Bentley

Robert Fung – the Salient Group developer and subject of this month’s profile, “Old Soul” – is restoring a series of heritage buildings in Vancouver’s Gastown.

Synthesizing modern architecture with traditional building frames and 100-year-old windows, Fung has designed a series of interconnected buildings housing condos, studios and commercial spaces.

I visited Fung onsite at two of his projects, the Paris Block and the Terminus. Fung graciously spent an early November afternoon showing me around his sites as I captured footage. The architecture is elegant, and the buildings exude a respect for their past.

With these Water Street recreations, Fung is inspiring developers to revive a sustainable community in the heart of Gastown.

See the whole story and video here.